Power Club Membership Program

Mister Sparky® offers the Power Club™ program membership.

You benefit in 4 ways: 

Safety and Lifespan. Have the peace of mind knowing your electrical system will receive priority scheduling service on a regular basis for safety and security. With the plan, the expertise of a licensed electrician will ensure that your electrical system is in top working order, which could add to the life expectancy of the appliances in your home.

Save money. As a Power Club™ member you receive a 10% discount on service and repairs. 

Breakdown Guarantee. Mister Sparky’s® service could reduce breakdowns so much that we guarantee if your electrical system needs repairs while you are a Power Club™ member, the travel / dispatch fee will be waived.

Premier Client Rewards. As a Power Club™ member, you enjoy special privileges. If you ever need service, you will receive priority scheduling service when setting your appointment.